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“If you think you’ve heard it all, check out Lori Andrews, who single-handedly, no . . . double-handedly, redefines the possibilities of the harp and turns it into a funky jazz instrument. Incredible! She’s the rhythm, the bass, the melody, all intertwined in a way that you just have to see and hear to believe. Lori’s music is creating a new future for an instrument rich in history and . . . she makes it swing!” -BOB JAMES

“One of the experts in contemporary jazz, waiting to be discovered in a big way.”

“Lori demonstrates the capacity of someone who can set the pace for the harp in the very challenging world of ‘jazz’ improvisation.” -HUBERT LAWS

“Damn, Girl. . . . . you must have flunked harp school!!!” -MARCUS MILLER

“I can’t believe a harp can be played like that. Very adventurous material! You play the harp with exceptional ryhthmic accuracy and your harmonic approach is very challenging and uncharacteristic for the harp - very, very cool!” -HARVEY MASON

"I hear what you're doing.. and I really dig it!" -FRANK SINATRA

"You are the funkiest harpist I have EVER heard!" -TOM HANKS

"Harp's not just for breakfast anymore!!" -LORI ANDREWS